What is Insetting?

For organisations operating in the Forest, Land and Agriculture industries (FLAG, or AFOLU), Insetting are projects that reduce GHG emissions along their value chain while also unlocking multiple ecosystem and community benefits.

Through nature-based interventions such as targeted agro-forestry projects, Insetting allows companies to achieve outcomes that uniquely combine meeting their SBTi Net-Zero goals with ecosystem regeneration and conservation. 

Net+ Partners helps your company design Insetting programmes by optimising the impact of your investment

Remove GHG emissions 

We engage the latest satellite and remote sensing data as well as local experience to define and prioritise the best possible Insetting projects for your company.  

Reduce climate related risks

Our climate change models help forecast the chances of success for each potential project, as well as advise you on future risks from your current supply channels.

Improve supplier engagement

By sharing the rewards of each Insetting milestone, suppliers become Nature stewards, caring and managing for their land in a much more holistic way.

Restore biodiversity

From soil health to improved water quality, Insetting projects can bring a variety of benefits that restore Nature's complex web of life and resilience. 

Benefit local communities

Insetting projects must consider ways to benefit the direct and indirect local communities. 

Regenerate ecosystems

By working with Nature, Insetting addresses both the global climate change challenge as well as local ecosystem regeneration.