Towards a beautiful Planet

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
                                                                                                                               Chinese proverb

About us

We're a team of committed enthusiasts bound by our passion for the natural world. Soil scientists, Environment Consultants, Foresters, Remote sensing specialists, re-wilding trail blazers - ready to assist FLAG related organisation on its transition journey to a net positive future that is science based, verifiable, accountable and achievable. We use Insetting as a tool to achieve that. 

What is insetting?

Our goal is to turn around the future history of Humans in the Anthropocene: from harbingers of biosphere disaster to stewards of net ecological benefits across all kingdoms. Ultimately, we want humans to become part of Natural Capital. 

What we do

The land based economy such as forestry and agriculture (AFOLU/FLAG) is responsible for 25% of global emissions.

As project designers, we focus on assisting this vital sector of the economy to reduce its emissions while also contributing with multiple co-benefits such as improved soil and water, richer biodiversity and engaged human stewards.

As part of its GHG reduction and abatement activities, AFOLU industries have the unique capability of restoring and regenerating ecological processes WITHIN their value chain - this is insetting. 

We use insetting as a tool to take FLAG industries beyond Net Zero, combining emissions reduction with verifiable nature-based impacts that help both planet and people.

Our services include

  • Identification of Insetting opportunities in your supply chain
  • De-risking your Insetting investment
  • Design of regenerative Insetting interventions 
  • Science based Monitoring, Reporting, Verification

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