Towards a beautiful Planet

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
                                                                                                                               Chinese proverb

About us

We're a team of committed enthusiasts bound by our passion for the natural world. Project developers, Soil scientists, Environment Consultants, Foresters, Remote sensing specialists, re-wilding trail blazers - ready to assist organisations on their transition journey to a net positive future that is science based, verifiable, accountable and achievable. 

Our goal is to turn around the future history of Humans in the Anthropocene: from harbingers of biosphere disaster to stewards of net ecological benefits across all kingdoms. Ultimately, we want humans to become part of Natural Capital. 

What we do

About 25% of terrestrial land has already been degraded by human activities. When land becomes degraded it not only loses much of its productive capacity - it also releases carbon and nitrous oxide back into the atmosphere.  This makes land restoration an imperative in climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

As forestry experts, we focus on assisting land owners and project developers to enhance their interventions in a way that maximises the positive impacts of their nature based solutions.   This applies to agro-forestry insetting projects as well as a/reforestation projects for carbon plus credits and benefits.

Our approach is fresh because it combines the latest MRVT technology from multiple remote sensing data sets with local and traditional knowledge and engagement. This means scoping, accounting and continuous monitoring on a range of benefits is already included into the design of any project, regardless of its stage.

Our high-integrity projects combine a range of co-benefits such as:

- Carbon

- Biodiversity

- Soil

- Water

- Native communities

- Tourism

Local stewards are rewarded with a share of credits upon reaching milestones, while long-term investors benefit from well permanently managed high-integrity projects. 

Our services:

  • GHG analysis of multiple projects at different stages: from scoping to verification
  • Origination and selection of high-integrity NBS projects: insetting and offsetting opportunities.
  • De-risking investors' ESG/Carbon portfolios

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